January 20, 2012
Describe three of your characters with one word. Then evaluate.

Carina Rossi: Demanding.

With a sharp tongue and even sharper temper, Carina rarely lets her offenders escape unscathed. Born out of poverty, she raised herself up to her status with her own grit and painstaking work. Carina expects nothing less out of the world around her, but it begins to shatter as she develops feelings for a fellow co-worker. Somewhat indecisive, she moves between stages of bitter neglect and passionate devotion. Using brinkmanship tactics in both her professional and social life, Carina easily manipulates the feelings of others and pushes people away. Despite her some mangled relationships, she carries staunch values of justice, with a hatred for crime and corruption. Despite her negative view on herself, she’s deeply altruistic and sensitive to social injustice. However, her grip on morality loosens as she falls into depression. Is it better to live with blissful lies or die with the truth so painfully exposed?

Robinson Marrit: Charismatic.

Behind his perpetual smirk lines a man with an array of different emotions. Young, wealthy, and charismatic, with more ambition than his six-digit inheritance, he dreams of living up to the image of his father—and uncovering a truth that violently took him away. Despite his goals, Robin breaks under pressure and often has to reconsider what’s truly important to him. Plagued with workaholic tendencies, he’s pushed and pulled between his work and his family. He’s very emotionally-needy, a bit of a crybaby at times, and tends to go with gut instincts instead of logic. He’s a persuasive talker and socially attractive, but hides away an entire history of grievances and personal insecurities. He’s also a hopeless romantic, but you’ll never hear him admit it.

Ping Armstrong: Eccentric.

In truth, Ping’s nothing short of being eccentric. From outfit-of-choice, jargon, and personality, he’s bursting with eyebrow-raising antics, often causing people to edge away from him. Despite that others tend to disregard his goofy personality, Ping’s strongest characteristics shine out when situations call for it. A brilliant tactician and detective, he notices slight clues that Robinson misses. Ping’s the mortar that keeps the organization alive, boosting morale with random visits and perky jokes as death rates climb. His generosity, though excessive at times, forges valuable life-long relationships with others. And in the end, it’s his death that propels the other characters to follow his footsteps and reveal the truth for good.

It’s better to have characters that can’t just be described by one word. Having realistic positive and negative traits create characters that are well-developed and not static. Characters should have a range of different quirks, facades, personalities, and traits. Nobody’s just “one word.”